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Research a revolution or movement that was inspired by Marxist or Communist values. Write a one-page paper on your findings. Watch this movie about the Russian Revolution. List ten things from this movie that are influenced by Marx. What is the space race? How has this affected our knowledge of space? Write an essay on your findings View all Lesson Plans available from BookRags.

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Multiple Choice Key. Have students discuss their short essays on The Communist Manifesto. Divide them into groups based on the four preparatory questions. Have them discuss and compare answers and then do a brief presentation summarizing their answers. Marxism and Socialism Marx and his followers emphasized that Marxism was "scientific socialism" — that is, that Marxist philosophy was grounded in empirical historical, sociological, and economic data.

Scientific socialism also distinguished Marxism from "utopian socialism. Marxism and Capitalism Exercise Divide the class in two groups and stage a debate between Marxism and capitalism. Make sure that students do not rely solely on emotion, but also base their arguments on the ideals of the philosophies. The debate should show some of the supposed failures of Marxism in practice — no incentive to work, the propensity of Marxist-style governments to result in dictatorial governments, difficulty in achieving economic and social equality, and so forth.

If the students bring these weaknesses up themselves, ask them how a Marxist thinker would resolve these problems.

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The idea of this exercise is to contrast political philosophies, enumerate the ideals of Marxism, and think critically about the advantages and disadvantages of Marxism. Marx was not a political orator. He was an intellectual who wrote great tomes and largely stayed away from the workers. It was up to other Marxist political agitators to spread the word about the ideology. Exercise Listen to the song " The Internationale " and distribute the lyrics.

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What do the lyrics tell people to do? Songs were common instruments to spark workers' enthusiasm about Marxism and socialism. Discuss other ways that intellectuals and political activists disseminated their ideas among a largely illiterate population who spent most of their time at work. Talk about pamphlets, pictures, lectures, and so forth. You can also talk about the central role of education in Marxist political activity. Marxism was part of the Enlightenment tradition that stressed rationality, the absence of a divine being, equality of all religions, and most of all the need for education for all.

Marxist organizers operated night and weekend schools to teach reading and spread propaganda. This the best free online resource. It has several works by Marx, Engels, Vladimir Lenin, and Leon Trotsky; images; biographies of major Marxist leaders; and essays on a variety of topics of interest to Marxists. This site is run by Marxists, and the essays reflect their political viewpoint.

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Books Curtis, Michael, ed. Marxism: The Inner Dialogues. This is a collection of challenging essays for advanced students who want to understand debates among scholars about Marxist philosophy and teachings and its weaknesses. Heilbroner, Robert L. Marxism, For and Against. New York: Norton, An overview of the pros and cons of Marxism. Sowell, Thomas. Marxism: Philosophy and Economics.

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New York: Morrow, Sowell outlines the Marxist view of history and sets Marx in his historical context. Strathern, Paul. Marx in Ninety Minutes. New York: Ivan R. Dee, A short introduction to the basics of Marxism.

Tucker, Robert C. The Marx-Engels Reader. New York: Norton and Co. This reader has a wonderful biographical essay and chronology of Marx and Engels as well as a selection of primary sources. AP Central.