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To Catch A Thief

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Those who smoke, drink or have mental health problems are also more likely to steal. But for the most part, people only commit the act for a short period of time. Most stop after less than a year, and less than 5 percent continue for more than three years. So, the author concludes, being a thief seems to be more of a stage that someone goes through than an actual lifelong problem. But if they keep thieving into their 30s, income does appear to have something to do with it. I totally believe that thieving can be a stage.


The federal standards for scientific misconduct are narrow, so Green's mentor was found not guilty of fraud or plagiarism. The university, however, forced him to resign over the incident, although he was able to do so without any black marks on his record. On 14 February of this year, another case of alleged misconduct made headlines.

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A New York court ruled that Cornell University could not be held liable for charges of plagiarism against one of its professors, David Levitsky. The plaintiff, Antonia Demas, claims that the professor repeatedly took credit for her work as a graduate student.

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  • Charges of fraud and breach of contract still stand against Levitsky. Not every case is what it appears to be, Rennie says. At first, it looked like a classic case of power-hungry scientists trampling over a vulnerable junior researcher. In reality, Rennie says, it was more like the other way around. She walked into a project that had been going on for many years.

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    Two years later, she said everything was hers. Supreme Court refused to hear Berge's appeal.

    Nevertheless, she continues to stand by the allegations in her lawsuit. The basic nature of the student-teacher relationship leaves ample room for misunderstandings and hurt feelings, says Nicholas Steneck, a science historian at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and an ORI consultant.

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    That's when things can go amok. Almost every dispute over authorship starts with a breakdown in communication, Steneck says. The solution, then, is clear: Everyone needs to start talking.